ApplesRus began in 2011 with the planting of our first 300 apple trees. Each year we continued to plant and now we have over 12,500 apple trees planted in high-density format. The idea to make our specialty spirits came from wanting to make the orchard a more sustainable farm. A few years later with the guidance of List Distillery in Ft. Meyers Florida our first spirits were created. Made from apples developed by the University of Minnesota our hand crafted spirits offer a smooth, crisp flavor just like our Minnesota apples are famous for!

The apple varieties grown at our orchard are early season Zestar & SweeTango, the classic Honeycrisp, a late season Honeycrisp Mix and McIntosh. We also sell First Kiss and River Belle apples.

What truly makes applesRus so unique is that we are a fully-operating distillery as well! We use apples to make our spirits which gives them a smooth, crisp flavor just like our apples are known for! Our spirits are all made from apples which gives them a unique flavor and depth. We use molasses to raise the sugar content which makes them all fall into the rum family. Each spirit is hand crafted to give each product a unique flavor profile that will leave you wanting more.

With our wide variety of spirits you’re bound to find something you will enjoy. Our cream-based spirits are crafted using sugar beet cream which means they are all dairy free. Apple Caramel Latte at 34 proof is a fan favorite. Try it on ice or use it as a coffee creamer to make your weekend coffee a special treat! Our 50 proof classic Apple Crisp and it’s cinnamon cousin Atomic Apple are both smooth and the apple flavor shines through. They are sweetened with honey, but just the right amount so they are not overly sweet. We also have Crisp Shine which comes straight out of the still, is proofed down to 100 proof and bottled up! This year’s new varieties are Pineapple Coconut and Key Lime Pie! Every spirit is hand-crafted to give you the best quality with a smooth finish.

In coming years we will be releasing our specialty barrel aged rums and brandy!

Each year we create new varieties so check out our Spirits Page for all of the latest flavors!