SweeTango Apples-50 Count(25 lbs) Box $40.00

SweeTango Apples-50 Count(25 lbs) Box $40.00

SweeTango Apples-50 Count(25 lbs) Box $40.00

SweeTango Apples

SweeTango (brand name) or 'Minneiska' is a cultivar (cultivated variety) of apple developed by the University of Minnesota in 2000 and first sold in the US in 2009. It is a hybrid of two other apple varieties the university developed: the popular 'Honeycrisp' (the “mother”) and the early-ripening 'Minnewasheta' (brand name Zestar!, the “father” or pollinator). Like the 'Honeycrisp', the 'Minneiska' has much larger cells than most apples, which shatter when bitten to fill the mouth with juice.


The SweeTango aka 'Minneiska' has a texture similar to 'Honeycrisp' with a slightly tart and citric quality. The name "SweeTango" is a portmanteau of the words sweet and tangy.


We never pack bruised apples, but there is a small risk of bruising during shipment. Whether the apples bruise in shipment depends on how our shippers handle the box.

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